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Sahat S., Z Yusop, M Askari, AD Ziegler.  2016. Estimation of soil erosion rates in oil palm plantations with different land cover.  IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 136. 012086 doi:10.1088/1757-899X/136/1/012086.

Sahat+2016-MSE_136_1_012086-soil erosion
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Ziegler, AD, SG Benner, MX Kunkel, VXH Phang, M Lupascu, C Tanasarin. Particulate carbon and nitrogen dynamics in a headwater catchment in Northern Thailand: Hysteresis, high yields, and hot spots. Hydrological Processes 30: 3339-3360.

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Ziegler AD, RJ Wasson, S Cantaerro, P Srivastava S Spalzin W Chow, JA Gillen.  A Clear and Present Danger: Ladakh’s increasing vulnerability to flash floods and debris flows.  Hydrological Processes 30: 4214-4223.

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Lau AY, JP Terry, AD Ziegler, AD Switzer, Y Lee, S Etiene. Understanding the history of extreme wave events in the Tuamotu Archipelago of French Polynesia from large carbonate boulders on Makemo Atoll, with implications for future threats in the central South Pacific.  Marine Geology 380: 174-190.

lau+2016-Marine Geology 380 174-190 Make
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Michelle SY Quak, AD Ziegler, SG  Benner, S Evans, PA Todd, LG Gillis, N Jachowski, S Vongtanaboon, TJ Bouma.  The origin of seagrass meadow sediment on Yao Yai Island, Thailand: Emerging evidence of anthropogenic impact. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 182: 136-145.

Quak+2016-ECSS-processes affecting distr
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Chuah, CJ, N Mukhaidin, SH Choy, GJD Smith, IH Mendenhall, YAL Lim, AD Ziegler. 2016. Cryptosporidium and giardia in the drinking-water resources of northern Thailand: a temporal and catchment-scale study. Science of the Total Environment 562: 701-713.

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Chuah CJ, HR Lye, AD Ziegler, SH Wood, C Kongpun, S Rajchagool. 2016. Fluoride: A naturally-occurring health hazard in drinking-water resources of Northern Thailand. Science of the Total Environment 545-546: 266-279.

chuah+2016-STE-545-546-fluoride hotspot
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Giambelluca, TW, RG Mudd, W Liu, AD Ziegler, N Kobayashi, T Kumagai, Y Miyazawa, YK Lim, M Huang, JM Fox, S Yin, SV Mak, P Kasemsap.  Evapotranspiration of rubber (Havea brasiliensis) cultivated at two sites in southeast Asia.  Water Resources Research.  DOI 10.1002/2005WRO17755.

Giambelluca_etal_2016_WRR_rubber ET.pdf
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Ziegler AD, P Echaubard, YT Lee, CJ Chuah, BA Wilcox, C  Grundy-Warr,  P Sithithaworn, B Sripa,  TN Petney, L Laithevewat, X Ong, RH Andrews, T Ismail, B Sripa, N. Khuntikeo, K Poonpon, P Tungtang, K Tuamsuk. 2015. A Transdisciplinary Learning Approach to Understanding the Complexity of Liver Fluke Infection in NE Thailand. Ecohealth DOI: 10.1007/s10393-015-1087-3.

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Yuen JQ, T Fung, AD Ziegler. 2016. Review of allometric equations for major land covers in SE Asia: Uncertainty and implications for above- and below-ground carbon estimates. Forest Ecology and Management 360: 323–340.

yuen+2016-FEM-360-review of allometric e
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Wood, SH., L Wood, AD Ziegler. 2015. Natural degradation of earthworks, trenches, walls, and moats, northern Thailand.  Journal of Field Archaeology 40: 1-20.

Wood Wood Ziegler 2015-JFA-Elephant cora
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Wolters, JW, LG Gillis, TJB Bouma, MM Van Katwijk, AD Ziegler. 2015. Land use effects on mangrove nutrient status: a case study in Phang Nga Bay, Southern Thailand. Land Degradation and DevelopmentDOI: 10.1002/ldr.2430

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Ahrends, A., PM Hollingsworth, AD Ziegler, JM Fox, H Chen, Y Su, J Xu.  2015. Current trends of rubber plantation expansion may threaten biodiversity and livelihoods.  Global Environmental Change 34, 48-58.

ahrends+2015-GEC-34-currents trends in r
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Bannwarth, M.A., C Hugenschmidt, M Lamers, I. Ingwersen, AD Ziegler, T. Streck. Simulation of streamflow components in a mountainous catchment in northern Thailand with SWAT using the ANSELM calibration approach. 2015. Hydrological Processes 29 (6), 1340-1352.

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Gills, LG., TJ Bouma, AD Ziegler, C Cathalot, PMJ Herman. 2015. Particulate matter in mangrove and seagrass beds as a nitrogen source in tropical coastal ecosystems. Biotropica 47 (3), 286-291.

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Ziegler, AD, J Gillen. 2015.  De-mythologizing faculty-postgraduate writing in geography. Geoforum 59: 129-132

ziegler & gillen 2015 geoforum - de-myth
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Lim, HS, WY Lim, JY Hu, AD Ziegler, SL Ong. 2015. Comparison of filter media materials for heavy metal removal in biofiltration systems. Journal of Environmental Management 147: 24-33.

Lim+2014-Comparison of filter media mate
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