This project seeks to introduce community-based aquaculture (CBA) systems to mixed ethic, in-need, communities in rural Thailand to help boost their capacity to produce protein for local consumption and to sell for income. We will transfer knowledge to participating villagers on how to (1) develop nature-based, environmentally friendly, and drought-tolerant approaches using agroecology principles, and (2) engage effectively with all phases of relevant commodity chains to reduce operating costs and improve on return of investment.  The project addresses the need to improve the quality of life of selected rural communities in northern Thailand that are struggling to generate sufficient income, produce protein locally, cope with economic downturns, and become resilient to climate variability. 


Starting in 2023 the three PoC villages are Mae Kon, Pong Nam Ron, and Huai Haeg.

Proof of Concept Communities

Mae Kon

Mae Kon in Chiang Dao district of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Pong Nam  Ron

Huai Nam Ron in Mae Ai district of Chiang Mai, Thailand

Huai Haeg

Huai Haeg in Sansai district of Chiang Mai, Thailand