A coral boulder on Green Island, Taiwan.  The largest boulder in my project is over 10 times bigger than this (too busy to pose there)!
A coral boulder on Green Island, Taiwan. The largest boulder in my project is over 10 times bigger than this (too busy to pose there)!

I love playing with sand. With an interest in knowing more about natural hazards, I went to the coasts to look for storm and tsunami deposits from layers of sandy sediments for my M.Phil. project. After finishing that project, I wanted to do something BIGGER for my PhD. What’s bigger than sand? Boulder!


That was how I started studying boulders for interpreting extreme wave events. I use the characteristics of wave-emplaced coastal boulders (e.g. size, distribution) to estimate the strength of waves and reconstruct the history of storms and/or tsunamis at a few islands in the Asia-Pacific area. My field sites include a beautiful small atoll in French Polynesia, the southern shore of Viti Levu of Fiji, and Ludao (Green Island) of Taiwan.


I also love traveling and eating.







PhD (Geography), National University of Singapore (Jan 2016).


Dissertation title: Assessing coastal hazards with high-energy wave-deposited boulders: Case studies from three tropical pacific islands


M.Phil. (Earth Sciences), The University of Hong Kong, 2008-2010.  


Thesis title: Comparing historical and geological records of catastrophic washover events at Qing’ao, Nan’ao Island, Southeastern China.


B.Sc.(Hons) (Earth Sciences), The University of Hong Kong, 2005-2008.


Work experience

  • Museum Assistant in Stephen Hui Geological Museum, Hong Kong (2010)- I managed the mineral, rock and fossil collections and guided museum tours 
  • Student Research Assistant (2008)- trained in OSL dating
  • I once worked part-time in a coffee chain (2005)- trained in making latte, cappuccino, mocha etc. I probably ate and drank too much so the shop closed down soon after I started working…




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