Jiaqi Yuen



B.Soc Sc (Hons) in Geography, National University of Singapore (2011)


Research Interests

Carbon, land use/ land cover change, human environment interactions


MA thesis:

Uncertainties in above and belowground carbon stocks in major land covers in SEA


In preparation:

1. Carbon stocks in bamboo ecosystems – A review and implications for land cover conversions


2. Uncertainty in biomass carbon estimates from allometry: Review of above and belowground equations for SE Asia vegetation

Land use changes and soil organic carbon in Southeast Asia




Papers Published

Yuen JQ, AD Ziegler, R Casey, EL Webb. 2013. Uncertainty in below-ground carbon biomass for major land covers in Southeast Asia. Forest Ecology and Management 310: 915 - 926.


Ziegler AD, J Phelps, Yuen JQ, D Lawrence, EL Webb, TB Bruun TB, C Ryan, S Leisz, O Mertz, U Pascual, LP Koh, W Dressler, JM Fox, C Padoch. 2012. Carbon outcomes of major land‐cover transitions in SE Asia: Great uncertainties and REDD+ policy implications. Global Change Biology 18: 3087-3099.


Yuen, JQ, P Olin, HS Lim, SG Benner, RA Sutherland, AD Ziegler. 2012. Accumulation of potentially toxic elements in road deposited sediments in residential and light industrial neighborhoods in Singapore. Journal of Environmental Management 101: 151‐163. 




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