Robert Wasson Taking field notes in Pakistan (ca 1932).
Robert Wasson Taking field notes in Pakistan (ca 1932).

Robert J. Wasson

Professor Robert (Bob) Wasson is a geomorphologist who has studied desert dunes, palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironment on centennial to millennial timescales, fluvial systems, and mass movements. He moved to NUS in 2011 where he joined the Geography Department. Since then he has been in the Asia Research Institute and now at the Institute of Water Policy at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy. He has taught and researched at Sydney University, Macquarie University, University of Auckland, Monash University, CSIRO, and the Australian National University.


His current research interests are: causes of change in river catchments;material budgets in river catchments; environmental history; extreme hydrologic events in the tropics; and cross-disciplinary methods. He has done research in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Thailand. He is currently working with Dr Z and Lim Han She, and many others, examining flood risk in relation to climate change and human vulnerability over long periods in India and Thailand. He is also working with Dr Z at Nee Soon where a major project is underway to provide a baseline for NParks’ management of the reserve.



In the Wet Lab he describes cores from Nee Soon to determine changes in sediment delivery to the swamp and changes in metals contamination. He also helps with the sampling of the cores for analysis of radionuclides for dating, metals and other ions. He also uses the Lab’s facilities for analyzing samples of flood sediment from Thailand, and engages in never ending discussions about how best to do particle size analysis.

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