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My research interests are in the hydrology of tropical catchments, in particular the physical processes, and using hydrological models to understand and model hydrological response behaviour. My research so far has focused primarily on catchments that experience distinct seasonality in rainfall (i.e. Thailand) using a combination of fieldwork data collection and hydrological modelling.



I am currently involved in the following projects:


a) assessing the hydrological and water quality impacts of 'green technology' such as green roofs and bioretention systems.



b) my interest in floods has resulted in dating flood sediments using optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) methods to understand flood histories; flood modelling using hydraulic models and flood deposits (e.g. boulders). 




BA (National University of Singapore), MA (National University of Singapore), PhD (University of Cambridge) 


Research interests

  • Hydrological and water quality ammendments using green roof systems and rain gardens
  • Floods and tropical storms
  • Modelling rainfall seasonality in tropical catchments



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more on the way....

Flood generation during the southwest monsoon season
Flood generation during the SW monsoon s
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Modifiers and amplifiers of high and low flows, Ping River
Modifiers and amplifiers of high and low
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Comparison of filter media materials for heavy metal removal from urban stormwater runoff using biofiltration systems
Comparison of filter media materials for
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