Graduate Opportunities at NUS Geography

Graduate Research in Geography at National University of Singapore
a 2-m hole selfie...

Hang out with Us?


Wanna get dirty?

Wanna dig a 2m hole?

Wanna get wet?

Wanna stand in the pouring rain?

Wanna scale a 30m tower?

Wanna write about it?


We are always looking for highly motivated students to join us at the MA and PhD ranks in the Geography Department at NUS.  


Not a Geographer?  Not a big deal.  People with advanced technical and analysis skills are welcome to apply. We'll supply the dirt and water.  You supply the enthisiasm.



...balancing act between hard work and hard fun
...balancing act between hard work and hard fun

Areas of Interest

I am looking for new graduate students who have interest in various aspects of water resource management, environmental health, natural hazards, and/or hillslope/catchment hydrology.  In particular, I am interested in exploring the risks of rural populations in developing areas to ingestion of contaminated drinking water, exposure to anthropogenic contaminants (heavy metals and pesticides), exposure water-borne pathogens (e.g., parasites, bacteria). This type of research requires extended fieldwork in foreign countries, language training, and hands-on work with local populations.  The research is a multi-disciplinary balancing act, grounded in science, but with an interest in incorporating elements of human geography. 

Graduate Research in Geography at National University of Singapore
...with the great Chris Morely, getting a feel for the geology in northern Thailand

Here is how to join:


1) Develop a cool thesis idea.


2) Write a great 3-4 page prospectus.


3) Send it to ADZ


4) Apply to the department [go here]


5) Funding? Try this.

PhD scholarships are available