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Always digging himself into some hole or another (in northern Thailand, 2009)


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My research addresses the interactions of physical, ecological, and human systems, with water resources serving as a common nexus. My work typically involves developing environmental monitoring programs that facilitate understanding catchment processes, as they vary both naturally and anthropogenically over different spatial and temporal scales. One current research focus area is determining if intensive agrarian systems on sloping lands in SE Asia are environmentally sustainable in terms of water availability, water quality, land degradation processes (e.g., erosion, landslides), biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. In particular, how does the environmental footprint of intensified systems, such as permanent cultivation, greenhouse agriculture, and monoculture plantations of rubber and oil palm, compare with that of traditional swidden practices? Other emerging focus areas are (1) determining the extent of co-facilitation among of mangroves, seagrass, and coral ecosystems; (2) modelling environmental processes with artificial intelligencemodels; and (3) examining the linkage between hydrological processes, infectious disease, and human health in developing countries.




1993 - 2000         PhD, Geography, University of Hawai`i, Honolulu, Hawai`i, USA

1988 - 1991         MA, Geography, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA  

1985 - 1988         BS, Mathematics & Computer Science, University of Kansas, USA



Webb EL, LR Carrasco, M Rao, AD Ziegler. 2016-2018. Reconciling agricultural expansion and forest conservation in the new Myanmar Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund (AcRF, R-109-000-xxx-112; $400,000): Myanmar.


Ziegler, AD (PI, NUS). 2015-2017. Surface and subsurface elemental dynamics in threatened mangroves of SE Asia (FY2014-FRC4-003) Faculty Research Fund (AcRF, R-109-000-xxx-112; $400,000; $78,000): Vietnam, Thailand.


Ziegler, AD (PI, NUS). 2014-2015. Reconstruction of palaeoflood histories on mainland SE Asian Rivers (R-109-000-174-646). NUS, HSS Strategic budget ($32,000): Thailand.


Liong, S-Y (PI), E Clews, DL Higgitt, HTW Tan, DCJ Yeo, AD Ziegler.  2013-2016. Nee Soon Swamp forest biodiversity and hydrology baseline studies – Phase 2 (R347-000-198-490) NParks Singapore ($487,000): Singapore.


 Ziegler, AD. D Taylor (PI, NUS). 2013-2016. Developing and maintaining a state-of-the-art Earth Systems Science.  NUS Office of the present / FASS, Strategic Initiative ($448,000): Singapore.


Ziegler, AD (PI, NUS). Anthropogenic and Natural Controls on Stream Chemistry at Multiple Scales. 2012-2015. Ministry of Education (MOE) Academic Research Fund (AcRF, R-109-000-134-112), Singapore ($388,000): Thailand, Singapore.





Ziegler, AD, Sidle, RC, Phang*, VXH, Wood, SH. 2014.  Bedload transport in SE Asian streams – uncertainties and implications for reservoir management. Geomorphology 227: 31-48.


Ziegler, AD, S.G. Benner, C. Tantasirin, S.H. Wood, R.A. Sutherland, R.C. Sidle, N.R.A. Jachowski*, X. Lu, A. Snidvongs, T.W. Giambelluca, J.M. Fox. 2014. Turbidity-based sediment monitoring in northern Thailand: hysteresis, variability, and uncertainty. Journal of Hydrology 519: 2020-2039.


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Ziegler, AD, TW Giambelluca.  1997.  Importance of rural roads as source areas for runoff in mountainous areas of northern Thailand.  Journal of Hydrology  (1/4): 204-229.




GE1101: GE 1101 Place, Space, and Society

GE3240: Geographical Research: Developing Ideas

GE3230A: Field studies

GE4211: Catchment Processes and Management

GE4880: Topics in Geography

GE6770: Graduate Research Seminar


FASS Faculty teaching award: 2010; 2011; 2012




NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Science

Faculty Research Committee

Environmental Cluster Steering Committee Head


NUS Geography Department

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Honors Coordinator & Level 4000 module coordinator

Tropical Environmental Cluster Deputy Chair

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